Bun in Different Versions - the Best Hairstyles

Bun in Different Versions - the Best Hairstyles

A hair bun is an updo that already belongs to the canon of timeless hairstyles. It reigns on catwalks every year. A unique updo sets world trends. It’s important that a bun goes with every outfit, every face shape and – depending on the version we choose – it’s able to make every look attractive.

Why is a bun so popular?

The answer is surprising: the exposed neck and shoulders. The uncovered neck is sometimes like a red rag to a bull. There’s something intriguing in a neat bun.

A high hairdo exposes your face and eyes, too. It always makes you look smart and neat; the face gets freshness and radiance. We can boldly say that the bun is always flawless. Even the loose and (seemingly) messy bun offers a bit of elegance.

Bun – the best and most interesting hairdos

Double buns – simply two buns on both sides of the head. You can wear them high on the top of the head or low near the neck. You do both versions in the same way: make two ponytails and wrap them around the elastics. Fix the hairdo with pins and hairspray.

French bun – it made a comeback in the 40s. It’s still a thing as the French twist is extremely easy to make and looks very tasteful. To make the bun, you gather all strands on one side and secure with pins – the hair should be somewhere in the middle, making a horizontal line (you can cross the pins for better hold). Now, your hair falls on one side of the head; you can backcomb it gently and twist it around, directing upwards. Make sure the row of pins is hidden under the hair. The strands should create a shape of a banana; that’s why the French twist is also known as the banana bun. The hairdo is secured with long pins. The French bun will look elegant with a long, tasteful hairgrip.

Spanish bun – a low hairdo, right above the neck. Its ‘unruly’ version is a loose and low bun on one side. The Spanish bun is characterized by silky smooth and shiny hair. Similarly to the French twist, the Spanish bun has two versions: messy strands pinned above the neck make a perfect every-day look. If you smooth the hair, the Spanish bun looks tasteful and works for an evening dress and official meetings. A small decoration (a pin, clip, braid or flower) gives the bun some temperament.

English bun – looks almost the same as the Spanish bun but you pin it up high on the top of the head. A special bun elastic – a bun sponge – is ideal for this hairdo. It evenly spreads the hair, creating a large, smooth knot. The English bun has its loose and careless version, too. It’s great for the go-to look. All you need to do is pin hair up on the top of the head and wrap around an elastic. You can fix the do with spray and bobby pins. Instead of pins, many women use a nice elastic (the iconic Invisibobble would be perfect).

Messy, unruly bun – apart from the ‘rebellious’ versions of the above buns, there are other faster and messier updos. They let you tame the hair in a few seconds, no matter where you are. What’s the easiest version of a bun? While making a ponytail, on the last wrap you don’t pull your hair all the way; the hair that’s hanging down is wrapped around the elastic. You can make a messy bun, creating the French twist but use a big hair clip instead of bobby pins.

Wedding bun – depending on the face shape and preferences, you can make each of the described buns for a wedding party. The wedding version should be neat, decorated with clips and an interesting braid. There are endless possibilities – you can mix the bun with a braid, smooth the hair or curl the strands and pin them up.

Buns for different hair lengths

Bun & short hair – few people know that you can make a bun on short hair. It’s quite time-consuming but looks amazing. You need tiny hair clips; each one secures one hair section. If the hair’s long enough, you can curl it into small ‘snails’ and tightly pin up at the back of the head – one next to the other. Pinning a special tress in the shape of a bun is another option. The tress must have the color of your hair.

Bun & curly hair – girls with curly hairdos like to wear buns. Curls are very easy to style – no need for backcombing. The simplest version involves pulling hair in a ponytail and gradually pinning each section up.

Bun & medium-length hair – you must make sure the strands won’t slip away. A medium-length hair bun may need some aid – bobby pins, an extra elastic or bun sponge. If your hair’s thick, you can pin up every section one by one, creating a romantic crown around the elastic.

Bun & long hair – it always looks the most stunning and needs no sponges or fake tresses. After backcombing the hair, you simply wrap it around the elastic, fix with the hairspray and secure with pins.

Bun accessories – things you need while styling a hairdo

They’ll let you make a bun easily and quickly, decorate the hairstyle and help you create a unique look. The most popular hair bun accessories:

Hair Bun Decorations

  • Invisibobble elastic – gives an amazing hold, doesn’t slip away. You can wrap it around the bun or use it instead of the bun sponge.
  • Hair clips – it gives the bun a character, turns a regular hairdo into a stunning and tasteful hairstyle for special occasions.
  • Flowers on elastics or bobby pins – Flowery accessories are perfect for the Spanish bun and create a romantic look. Perfect for summer, loose dresses.
  • Fake braid – an elastic with a braid attached is the easiest version. You make a bun and wrap the elastic for the original style. The braid works great for fine and volume-less hair.
  • Hairband – it must be interesting and matching the outfit so that it enhances both your hairdo and the whole image.

Tools for making a bun

  • bobby pins – irreplaceable for years, this gadget won’t be beaten; nothing holds hair as effectively as a traditional bobby pin.
  • hair oil – smoothes, adds shine, tames flyaways, helps create a hairdo, perfect while making the Spanish bun.
  • hairspray – used as a finishing touch, makes the bun longer-lasting. Thanks to the spray, none of the strands is going to slip away, spoiling the effect.
  • a comb for backcombing – it should have a sharp spike on one side for dividing hair into sections and making even partings. You should remember that backcombing increases volume.
  • hair bun net – when you put it on the Spanish bun, it doesn’t just keep the hairdo neat but also works as an amazing ornament. The hair net can be smooth and simple or enriched with different pearls, beads and sequins.

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