COLLAGEN - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

COLLAGEN - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

It isn’t coincidental that many call collagen the protein of youth - after all, it makes up as much as 75% of our skin. Do you want to keep wrinkles and fine lines off your face? Then you should introduce collagen into your daily skin ritual. Why would you need to do so? Keep reading to comprehend what collagen is, how it affects the skin, and which collagen skin products to choose to get best effects.

Collagen for face: What's that?

It's not an over-exaggeration saying that collagen is one of our skin's key constituents. It doesn't only make up approximately 75% of dermis but also 30% of all proteins found in the human body are the very collagen. This protein is built from amino acids tightly linked together. Located in tendons, ligaments, muscles and dermis, collagen seems to dominate our body. In skin, however, this one-of-a-kind protein is responsible for resilience, suppleness and firmness. Unfortunately, with age the levels of collagen decrease, and this has a negative effect not only on the skin's appearance but also on the general body fitness.

The importance of collagen in skin care

When young, the amount of collagen in tissues is constant and renewable. With age, however, skin loses its ability to synthesize both collagen and elastin as effectively as it used to, which slowly leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. In other words, the decrease of collagen is what makes our skin look old.

Is collagen - the natural scaffolding of skin - able to stop our face from ageing? Even though the flying time will inevitably carve its presence on the skin one day, you can significantly delay or minimize the signs of ageing by supplying the skin with collagen. When applying collagen products to skin, you reinforce the natural scaffolding of tissues, thus skin will remain supple, resilient and dense for considerably longer.

Did you know that...

... the word 'collagen' is a portmanteau, a blend coined from a combination of two Greek words: 'colla', which is glue, and 'gennao' meaning to produce? For that reason collagen is often called the glue of the human body, or a tissue glue. This is what succinctly explains the role of this protein played in tissues, including the skin.

When is the best time to introduce collagen into your skin routine?

The levels of collagen in skin starts to decrease early, and it happens after reaching 25 years of age.

Although it's impossible to notice with the naked eye the moment when this process kicks off, it's worth realizing that we lose approximately 1% of collagen per year. Interestingly, the changes in collagen affect not only its quality but quantity as well. Put simply, not only does the amount of collagen shrink with time but also the network of collagen connections gets weaker too. This is how skin is gradually losing its abilities to renew itself and start looking flabby.

The decrease of collagen in skin isn't only caused by the passing time, as there are more factors contributing to suppleness loss - UV light and urban pollution are two primal examples. When continuously exposed to these two triggers, skin in its 30s develops fine lines and sagging. Since the deficiency of collagen in skin results in weaker scaffolding, introducing collagen skin products to daily beauty regimen after turning 25 is highly beneficial.

It's worth realizing that the starting point of ageing is different for different people, meaning that some people's skin may show the adverse effects of insufficient amounts of collagen sooner than others. That being said, it's commonly believed that replenishing collagen to skin that is close to 25 years is a good element of anti-ageing strategy.

Key benefits of collagen for skin

When applied on a regular basis, collagen:

  • smooths wrinkles.
  • deeply nourishes and locks water inside the skin.
  • stimulates fibroblast (promotes collagen synthesis).
  • improves skin elasticity.
  • deals with sagging.
  • increases the density of skin.
  • improves the face oval.

Collagen skin products

Many people go for collagen supplementation, however, it's worth bearing in mind that when taken orally, this protein is firstly delivered to cartilages, tendons and synovial fluid. Our body won't give the highest priority to the skin when it comes to receiving collagen, and for that very reason it's worth reaching out for other solutions. Are you dreaming of youthful appearance? Flawless skin with no traces of fine lines? Introduce collagen skin products to your daily beauty routine. Thanks to this, your complexion will be constantly hydrated, elastic and firm. Indeed, only the best collagen cosmetics are proven to maintain hydration and make skin resilient. In addition, such products reduce wrinkles, provide protection and delay fine lines.

Which collagen skin product to choose?

Which collagen product will erase wrinkles from the face? This is one of the most common questions that many women wish they knew the answer to. Firstly, it must be realized that some skin products penetrate quicker and deeper than others. For example, a face cream affects only the outermost layer of skin. This means that it won't be as efficacious as a face serum - a product meant to work deep inside the skin by design. Therefore, if you want your collagen skin product to give you maximum effects, reach for Nanoil Collagen Face Serum. This product is not only in charge of delaying ageing, but it also suits all skin types at all ages perfectly well. This anti-ageing face serum brought out by Nanoil combines the power of fast-absorbing hydrolyzed collagen with marine algae which brim with minerals essential for skin. Nanoil Collagen Face Serum offers total skin renewal and nourishment!

Comments on the importance of collagen for skin

Surveys show that collagen is currently one of the top-chosen cosmetic ingredients. Those who use collagen on a daily basis confirm that this protein has an extremely beneficial effect on their skin. It helps them achieve their beauty goals: youthful-looking skin that is pleasant to the touch, smooth and deeply moisturized. Being able to lock water inside the skin, collagen prevents dehydration and sagging. Additionally, this essential protein leaves skin firmer and more resilient, reduces wrinkles and prevents all known premature signs of ageing. Undoubtedly, collagen is a cosmetic ingredient that is worth being introduced to the daily skin ritual.

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