STEM CELLS - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

STEM CELLS - The Encyclopedia of Flawless Skin

Are you aware of the healing power hidden inside your body? Stem cells replace damaged body cells both during an illness and skin repair. Scientists call them the victory over aging. Learn why the world has gone crazy about stem-cell skin care.

Stem cells, aka elixir of long life

Stem cells are taking over the cosmetic market. They turn out to be extraordinary and different than all other antiaging products we have ever used. The in-vitro research shows that stem cells have a very positive effect on the skin, blocking the aging process and accelerating repair. Plant stem cells make up a strong ally of cells in our skins.

What are stem cells and how they work?

Stem cells are like perpetual motion machine - they constantly proliferate, replacing used or damaged cells in human body. These hard-working, tiny cells can be compared to brand-new bricks building and fixing your body. Thanks to stem cells, the body is operable, lively and healthy. The ability to self-repair thanks to cells is the most valuable function of our bodies. The cells work like a renovation team and they keep regenerating and dividing: in other words, they don't stop working for your youthful look...

...until a certain point. Unfortunately, the number of divisions drops and the self-repair is slower when we grow older.

This is one of the causes of skin aging: stem cells are overworked and concentrate on more important issues (e.g. fighting mutations that cause cancer) and no longer treat skin with such care. This results in wrinkles, loss of firmness, age spots, limp skin. That is why scientists keep seeking antiaging remedies and use plant stem cells for this purpose.

Why are stem cells important?

They are revolutionary both in cosmetics and medicine. They simply heal through providing new cells in place of damaged ones. Most body cells have a definite lifespan (the number of divisions and the lifetime are definite) whereas stem cells self-repair and divide endlessly. They make the strongest and most promising medicine for plenty of diseases. Stem cells taken from our bodies e.g. bone marrow are used for treating cancer and other serious damage of body tissues or cells.

Plant stem cells - source of everlasting youth

Modern cosmetology uses plenty of plants for making the body younger, including argan, apple or grape seed tree stem cells. These very plants contain substances that counteract free radicals, smooth out wrinkles, improve skin's tightness and protect from the solar radiation. Their range of effects is even wider because they activate hair growth, speed up skin healing, shield against oxidative stress, increase synthesis of collagen and elastin, and strengthen production of hyaluronic acid.

Liposomes and the transportation of plant stem cells

It's been proven that substances included in stem cells have a beneficial effect on our cells. The way of supplying them is the key to success.

The transport of stem cells into the skin is possible after infusing them into liposomes which easily repair the skin through intensifying the production of proteins. Simply put, the skin aging process is slower.

Stem cells - must-know

The use of human and animal-derived stem cells in cosmetic products has been prohibited all over the world, therefore plant stem cells are used for beauty purposes.

What stem cells are effective? What to search for in creams?

  • Swiss apple stem cells (Uttwiler Spätlauber) - regarded to be the most effective and ideally-suited to human skin cells. This very variety is the highest in stem cells. Swiss apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic active substances that protect and support metabolism of dermal skin cells. 
  • Grape stem cells - have an amazing conditioning effect, protect skin cells from the harmful effect of UV radiation and largely delay aging of cells.
  • Argan tree stem cells - the cells derived from Argan tree (which also gives world's most precious argan oil) are serious rivals of apple stem cells. They slow down the chronological skin aging process, protect human cells and stimulate them to function correctly. Their concentration in liposomes may reach even 50%.
  • Green tea stem cells - increase the amount of fibroblasts (cells producing collagen) and intensify their activity. They tirelessly improve the skin's quality and youthness.
  • Magnolia tree stem cells - have a brightening effect and even out the skin tone. They stimulate the natural cellular repair and shield them from aging and damage. The skin is younger and more damage-resistant.
  • Ginseng stem cells - smooth out expression lines,  provide optimal amount of moisture, work wonders both for reducing first signs of aging and deep furrows. They improve the skin's density and trigger human cells' renewal.
  • Alpine rose stem cells - extremely strong cells because they come from a super-enduring, long-lived plant that goes through the extreme climate. Stem cells extracted from Alpine rose have a good effect on human cells and their strength is stored in the epidermis. The cells stimulate natural skin repair process, boost its endurance and accelerate healing. They are ideal for couperose skin.


In order to be effective and safe, stem cells have to be derived from plants grown in pollution-free area when pesticides are not used.

How to look for stem cells in creams?

You need to read the INCI list of a given product and search for stem cell or cell extract. The names can also be used in a description of face creams so you should check that as well.

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