Cottonseed Oil for Hair. Total Repair

Cottonseed Oil for Hair. Total Repair

Cotton oil, or cottonseed oil is extremely popular worldwide. Its history dates back to 3500 BC. It was commonly used for cooking and cosmetic purposes. Cottonseed oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of Levant cotton. It is the source of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. The oil is irreplaceable in hair repair, guarantees moisture and softness as well as regenerates damaged and brittle hair. If your strands also need rescue, you must get acquainted with this powerful oil.

Cottonseed Oil INCI

Gossypium Seed Oil

Cottonseed oil - ingredients

Cottonseed oil is one of the best hair repairing oils. It has an excellent influence on the condition of our hair and scalp thanks to a balance of unsaturated fatty acids (UFA). Cotton oil has one of the best proportions of these acids. Their balance is 3:1, which is the most beneficial for health of the whole body.

Cottonseed oil is made of:

  • linoleic acid 49-58%
  • oleic acid 15-20%
  • palmitic acid 22-26%
  • behenic and lignoceric acid 10%.

The balance of fatty acids means that cottonseed oil contains most omega-6 fatty acids. It makes the oil an ideal for high porosity, damaged, colour-treated, bleached and dehydrated hair.

Cotton oil is also abounding in phytosterols which are extraordinarily relevant to skin and hair. They are beneficial because they have the ability to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and reduce disintegration of elastin. Phytosterols moisturise, and slow down ageing processes of scalp and hair. What is more, they make sure that the scalp keeps clean and hydrated, free from irritation and toxins.

Vitamin E, included in cottonseed oil, is extremely important in the process of scalp and hair regeneration. There is a reason why it is known as the vitamin of youth. It is a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals. The vitamin enhances the delivery of nutrients to cells and reinforces the walls of blood vessels. As a consequence, the skin is bouncy and keeps young for a long time. Healthy scalp guarantees beauty and growth of hair. We should also mention that vitamin E is responsible for hair growth to a large extent. Deficit of vitamin E makes hair brittle and dull whereas its growth can be inhibited.

Cottonseed Oil - properties

Thanks to a perfect proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, the content of phytosterols and a lot of vitamin E, cottonseed oil is unrivalled in high porosity hair care.

The oil will deeply moisturise even extremely damaged and dehydrated hair that has lost its vitality and bounce. Moreover, it will nourish the scalp, control its moisture, and help to get rid of dry dandruff. Cotton oil will keep hair from greying too soon, and prevent brittleness and breakage. Cottonseed oil is made of large non-penetrating particles that ensure intensive repair but also shield hair from various harmful agents, including: hot airflow of blow-driers, flat iron, excessive exposure to the sunlight, air conditioning, toxins and strong frost.

Cottonseed oil works very well as hair ends serum. Damaged and dehydrated hair tips will gain protection and proper moisture. Thanks to fatty acids, hair ends will no longer be split or damaged. What is more, cotton oil will prevent toxins from penetrating inside hair. On the other hand, it will allow nutrients and vitamins in. To provide hair with the best balance of conditioning ingredients, we should use a blend of oils that take care of high porosity hair. The oils that will deliver a complex of vitamins and minerals, strengthen hair bulbs, make the hairdo fuller and add silky softness and bounce. The ideal synergy of such oils can be found in Nanoil for high porosity hair. Apart from six high quality natural oils, it also contains keratin, lanolin and silk – all we need to regenerate hair, provide it with beautiful looks and gorgeous shine.

Cottonseed oil

Cottonseed Oil - uses

Cottonseed oil is most effective in cosmetics but many people use it in the kitchen because of the proportion of fatty acids (3:1) that is ideal for our health.

Cotton oil is appreciated as a repairing and nourishing elixir. It is often the last resort for women who regularly have their hair coloured or bleached or use a hot flat iron too often. Such treatments damage and fry the strands. That is why, cottonseed oil will be ideal. Not only will it rebuild hair fibres but also guarantee water-lipid balance (of hair and scalp). The oil will protect from the action of sunlight as well. Moreover, cottonseed oil offers repairing properties and slows down ageing processes. It can be successfully used for dry face and body skin; as an additive to creams and balms, hair conditioners, lotions, sprays in order to intensify their action. It is the best idea to use cotton oil together with other oils for highly porous hair. The balance of oils – applied both to scalp and hair – will guarantee complex care that no shampoo, balm or even mask is able to provide. Cottonseed oil beats all comedogenic, chemical substances.

Cottonseed Oil – how to use?

Cottonseed oil can be used in a variety of ways.

In case of natural, pure oils that are undisturbed with alcohols and other comedogenic substances, the most important thing is to apply them to the scalp. This is where the beauty and health of hair is hidden. You should leave the oil on the scalp for a few hours so that the product can reveal its qualities to the full. It is advisable to use a paraben-free and silicone-free mild shampoo for washing the oil off. If you apply cotton oil to dry hair from mid-lengths, it will bring amazing effects as well. You may also apply it exclusively to hair ends to prevent frizz, tame and protects the strands. The good news is that cottonseed oil can be used any time during the day – whenever your hair needs it.

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