What do you need for hair oiling? Hair oil treatment must haves

What do you need for hair oiling? Hair oil treatment must haves

Every woman is aware of the fact that hair oiling requires: natural oils and hair in need.

However, the list does not end there. In order to correctly and precisely oil your hair, it is worth preparing a few gadgets that will make your life (and the treatment) a lot easier. Also, you should know that hair oiling is a kind of a ritual. It is entirely up to you how much time you devote to it and what methods you will use.

Hair oil treatment must haves

Here is a list of the most essential equipment used in hair oiling.

1. Natural oil - it seems obvious, but... how to choose the best one? It turns out that not every oil is suitable for each hair type. In order to match oils to your hair you must first determine its porosity. What is it? Basically, it is the condition of your strands. The more damaged the wisps, the higher the porosity. It is advisable to choose a blend of carefully chosen natural oils. The best mixtures of oil available online are those that can be applied to the scalp and do not contain any silicones, parabens or alcohols.

2. Towel for your head and arms. Oil is a greasy substance that tends to leave stains. Therefore, when it comes to hair oiling, it is important to secure your clothes from staining. Greasy oil is rather difficult to wash off. Firstly, towel will protect your arms from unwanted surprises in the form of greasy spots. Later, you can use the same towel to wrap your hair after applying oils. They work best in warm environment.

3. Plastic shower cap for hair oiling. It is a very useful gadget. It will not only protect yourself and the everything within its reach but also improve the work of the above-mentioned towel. The best cap for hair oiling is the one you can find at a salon. It will improve the work of oil particles. Additionally, cover it with warmed up towel. Such compress is perfect for hair oiling.

4. Brush, hair dye applicator. The amount of oil you use plays a very important role in hair oiling. You cannot overload your strands with oil because later on it will be very hard to wash it off. In this case, the rule of 'the more the better' does not apply. Small amount of oil work wonders. It is only important to distribute it all over your hair and scalp. Therefore, you can use a hair dye applicator. Simply party your hair and start applying it the way your touch-up your roots with a dye. Do it section by section until you are sure that your entire head is covered with the product. However, if you do not have such a tool, you can also use a tooth brush. This method will bring the same effects.

5. A bowl. Some oils are not equipped with an atomiser or a pipette which makes the application a lot more difficult. Therefore, a good idea is to prepare a bowl or a small plate where you can pour the oil. It will be easy to grab it with the brush or hair dye applicator. You can also dip in your fingernails and this way distribute oil onto your head. This method is also beneficial because you are able to perform a scalp massage that stimulates blood circulation and improves the absorption of active ingredients.

6. Gentle shampoo free of detergents. It is a rather important cosmetic that should always be in on your bathroom shelf. Especially if you decide to perform hair oiling. Gentle shampoo does not irritate, does not have any comedogenic properties so is does not interfere with the work of oils. Shampoos that contain synthetic substances can easily damage all good that was accomplished by oils. You can be sure that a baby shampoo or the one bought in an organic shop will easily wash oils off your hair.

7. An applicator or a pipette. Many of us do not know what to begin with when it comes to hair oiling. Another problem is the proper amount of oil to use. Therefore, a pipette of 2,5 - 5 ml capacity will be perfect for dosing the product. Another good idea is to use the pump that comes with the bottle - this already give you the proper amount of oil that should be used. However, if you decided to oil your scalp as well, feel free to use two pumps. Furthermore, more trouble appear when oil comes in a bottle without any atomiser. Such a thick product will never be used to the very end. Solution? When purchasing a cosmetic that does not come with any kind of applicator, always make sure to have one at home. You do not have to buy a new bottle each time; after you finish none cosmetic you can always wash the container and pour a new one. Reuse only glass bottles. Another alternative - use an old pipette and apply oil directly to your hair. Use one or two drops along each parting.

8. Time. It is a very important criterion that determines the type and intensity of the treatment. Hair oiling can be done in various ways. The more time we devote to it, the better for your hair. Note, however, that not everyone can afford to sleep with the oil on their hair, or spend several hours with head covered with oil. In these cases, select one of "quicker" methods of hair oiling. They all require a different amount of time, each of which results will be varied, but one thing is certain: none of them will leave your hair without protection and regeneration.

9. Determination. If your want hair oiling to start bringing result, you must...start oiling your hair! Choose oil or a blend of oils suitable for your hair porosity and does not limit your treatment to only one method. It is really worth trying them all out in order to make sure which one brings the best results and how your strand will react to each of them. Many women devote one evening a week for deep regeneration by keeping oils on for a minimum of one hour (sometimes even overnight). During the day, they apply one or two portions of oil to dry hair to protect it against damage, tame it and ensure beautiful shine. It is very important no to give up - if you want to enjoy beautiful hair and provide it with deep regeneration - bare in mind that your strands require time; a month of even longer to a thorough improvement. One thing is certain: hair oiling at home really helps developing a habit. However, scheduling appointments at a salon could be troublesome.

10. Regularity. No other hair treatment brings desired effects, if not done regularly. In this respect, hair oiling does not deviate from the norm. Only regularly "feeding" hair with oil will result in healthy and beautiful appearance. Of course, nothing bad will happen if you do not perform the treatment on the day you planned. The key is not to skip too many days and try to do it once a week anyway - oils like persistence and consistence.

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