How to use Nanoil hair oil?

How to use Nanoil hair oil?

The properties of nourishing oils are the most prominent when hair oil treatment is performed on regular basis and accordingly to the specified directions. Correctly applied natural oils perfectly adjust to the hair type and effectively solve various hair problems, depending on the usage.

Nanoil has three oil versions for hair with various porosity types which contain the exceptional blend of natural oils, vitamins, nourishing substances and components that stimulate hair growth. Regular use of chosen hair oil is the best way to hydrate, strengthen and protect hair. It improves scalp condition, inhibits greasy hair, prevents dandruff and baldness. Nanoil takes gentle care of hair ends, ensures volume, softness and smoother on the entire hair length. It is free from alcohol, silicone and paraben.

Intensive hair repair and beautifying treatment

Text statement: 1 - Wash and thoroughly comb hair Thumbnail of a text statement: 1 - Wash and thoroughly comb hair

Hair oils are proven to be absorbed best when applied to damp hair, so before you use Nanoil hair oil, you should first rinse hair with warm water to open hair cuticles and make it easier for nourishing components to enter its inner structures. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair so that application of oil was easier.

Text statement: 2 - Take a suitable amount of oil Miniature of a text statement: 2 - Take a suitable amount of oil

Squeeze out Nanoil hair oil on your hand before you rub it in hair and scalp. The amount of oil match with the length of your hair and its needs. For short hair or oil treatment focused on the scalp, one portion is enough. If you want to perform full hair oil treatment, have long or thick hair, you can use 5 portions or more.

Close-up on a woman's hands while she's pouring hair oil on her palm Text statement: 3 - Rub the oil in hair and scalp Miniature of a text statement: 3 - Rub the oil in hair and scalp

You can pursue full hair oil treatment, apply Nanoil exclusively on the hair or its ends or just massage it into the scalp.

  • Massage hair oil in the scalp, so that it enters hair bulbs and promotes hair growth.
  • Spread hair oil on the entire hair length to nourish and regenerate it.
  • Use hair oil on the hair tips to prevent split ends.

Use a wide-tooth comb or a hair brush to thoroughly spread Nanoil on hair. Make sure that every strand is covered with a small amount of oil on its length.

Allow Nanoil to sit for about 15 minutes, up to few hours. Adjust time to your needs, but remember that natural oils work better the longer you keep them on hair, for example, overnight. You can tie hair and protect it with a plastic cap or a towel in order to create adequate conditions for hair oil absorption.

Use your everyday shampoo to remove the oil residue that was left on the hair and scalp. Shampoo the scalp and rinse it towards the hair ends. While at it, you can perform another scalp massage.

You can leave your hair to wash on its own or help it with warm hair dryer air because Nanoil hair oil protects gentle strands against the harmful impact of high temperature. Enjoy your soft, glossy and smooth hair.

Optimal frequency is once a week. Nanoil hair oil can be used before every hair wash or more rarely, yet for noticeable hair growth stimulation and its condition improvement, necessary is regular use.

Nanoil Hair Oil Use — The most frequently asked questions

1. Can the effect of Nanoil hair oil use be observed after the first hair oil treatment?

If you use hair oil to provide your hair with shine and softness and you want to prevent frizzy hair, the effect is visible after the first use. Nanoil hair oil coats hair with gentle, velvety layer, which ensures hair with protection and beautification right away.

If the go to effect for you is regeneration and strengthening of hair, then you have to perform hair oil treatment on regular basis for at least few weeks. Nanoil hair oil systematically restores keratin structures in hair and stimulates hair bulbs to promote hair growth on daily basis.

2. When will I be able to notice that my hair has grown?

No matter the version, Nanoil hair oil beautifies hair within 30 days, however, hair growth tempo depends on many factors, for example, genetic predisposition. Regular overnight hair oil treatment combined with the scalp massage should visibly speed up hair growth after 2-4 weeks.

3. Will I have “baby hair” when performing hair oil treatment on regular basis?

Scalp massage with Nanoil hair oil stimulates hair growth but also activates the dormant hair bulbs, so after few weeks there can appear “baby hair”. As a result of using Nanoil hair oil, you are going to have not only healthier and longer, but also denser hair.

4. How do I know which Nanoil hair oil version to choose?

Nanoil hair oil was created in three versions for different types of porosity. There are few methods that allow you to determine your hair porosity and its type can be identified by observation. Usually, damaged hair has high porosity, normal yet prone to frizz hair has medium porosity and heavy and lacking volume hair has low porosity. More detailed information on hair porosity and choosing the right oil can be found on the official Nanoil hair oil website and blog.

5. Can I use Nanoil hair oil every day?

It is recommended to use Nanoil hair oil at least once a week, best along with every hair wash. Therefore, if you wash your hair every day, you can use Nanoil hair oil as often. There are no limitations when it comes to usage of natural oils on hair and scalp, but application once a day is a maximal frequency.

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