Hair Care Pyramid. How To Reach The Top Of Beauty?

Hair Care Pyramid. How To Reach The Top Of Beauty?

How to create the perfect hair care regimen? Get inspired with the pyramid: a complete and perfect form where all care elements are located in a precisely defined place. This peculiar "taxonomy of beauty" illustrates what's worth paying attention to while taking care of your hair. What does the hair need to be healthy and delightfully beautiful?

What is the hair care pyramid?

Hair care pyramid is a precise scheme, similar to the food pyramid: at its base, you will find activities that should be done for the hair most often (ie every day). Without them, further care placed on higher segments will be unsuccessful.

The pyramid ideally illustrates the plan that will bring success in hair care. Thanks to it, we can easily determine what is most important, what we should do less frequently or only from time to time so that the hair grows stronger and healthier - hence the division into segments describing what should be done every day, once a week, and even less often, to provide the hairstyle with full health and stunning appearance.

Thanks to the pyramid, you can easily determine whether you take care of your hair the right way. If you often subject it to hot styling (curling irons, thermo-rollers, straightener), it will quickly deteriorate and dry out in excess. If you see that your hair has become weighed down and clogged, and also gets greasy more quickly – make sure you don’t use hair masks too often. Perhaps, it is worth introducing a scalp scrub into your hair care regimen?

Hair care plan - why a pyramid?

The pyramid reflects harmony and is a symbol of the ideal body. In this context, it best expresses the pursuit of ideal hair – in other words, healthy, strong and shiny. It also perfectly symbolizes the way in which you should nourish it: without a proper base, its higher storeys have no reason to exist - they are simply impossible to obtain. Therefore, to take care of your hair the proper way - it is worth following this pattern and adjust the care of your hair to it. You cannot achieve the best possible hair condition, without a logical order and systematic treatments, which will properly care for your hair and protect it from damage. What should the proper hair care pyramid look like?

Hair Care Pyramid


Hair care pyramid - every day: a support zone


▲ This "level" is the foundation of proper hair and scalp care. This category includes, first of all, supplementation, that is ... healthy nutrition, and vitamins, biotin, fatty acids, and herbal infusions, which are worth drinking every day to constantly provide the body with the ingredients necessary for proper functioning and regeneration. Nettle and horsetail infusions will work best.

▲ Another valuable but extremely rare method of care is using herbal scalp lotions and hair hydrolates. Thanks to them, you not only nourish the hair at the base, strengthening its "youngest" parts, but also support the scalp and strengthen the hair roots. Thanks to such lotion, the scalp remains clean and neat, the hair becomes stronger, nicely raised at the base and does not accumulate so much dirt. Regular use of scalp lotions can inhibit seborrhea and help to fight hair loss.

▲ The very "sensitive" part of the hair is the tip. Without proper care, they become defenseless and split up faster - that is why it is important to protect them from the adverse effects of external factors and mechanical damage. You can apply a special silicone serum to your hair ends or reach for a hair oil.

▲ Protection of hair against toxins, adverse effects of external factors and solar radiation is an important step without which the hair will never be healthy. That is why it is worth protecting it with a delicate hair conditioner on a daily basis - it will not overload your hair but will protect it from damage, tame unruly strands and enhance its glow.

Hair care pyramid - every 2-3 days: the zone of the strongest regeneration


▲ The "second floor" in hair care is equally important - here are all the most important treatments that should be used to have healthy and strong hair. This level is responsible for constant regeneration and keeps the hair in perfect shape. It should be said bluntly: without this element, the hair has no chance of health and a nice looks.

▲ The most crucial step in hair care is washing your hair - the strands with increased seborrhea should be washed even daily, but the most common method, the "golden mean" is washing the hair every 2-3 days. Thanks to this, the scalp is able to rest between one wash and the other; there’s also time to restore its balance of the hydro-lipid barrier, the natural protective coat of the skin.

▲ Conditioners that require rinsing should be a permanent element of care, combined with washing the hair. Apply your favorite conditioner to moist, washed hair and hold it for about 3 minutes before rinsing it off your hair. This way, the hair becomes nourished, less tangled, with closed scales and smoothed structure.

▲ Because of the fact that the hair conditioner only improves hair condition along its entire length and does not take care of the scalp - one of the most important care elements at this level is hair oiling. With extremely damaged, dry and thinning hair, you can do it every day. In the case of thick and heavy hair, it is enough to perform hair oiling once a week. Similarly to the frequency of hair oiling, also the oils are supposed to match the condition and structure of the hair - its porosity. Thanks to the fact that the oil is to be applied both to the entire length of the hair and the scalp - it provides the most effective, multidimensional care: it regenerates, strengthens and improves the appearance of the hair. Moreover, hair oiling is directly connected with the scalp massage, which stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the bulbs and enhances the absorption of ingredients to the skin and hair follicles.

▲ After washing the hair, we usually reach for a blow-dryer - we rarely have enough time to allow it to air-dry. When choosing the blow-dryer, make sure that it comes with a cool air setting and always dry your hair using a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius - high temperatures not only weaken the work of the scalp, but also precipitate water from the hair, and it begins to dry out and deteriorate.

Hair care pyramid - once a week: cleaning zone


▲ The third floor of hair care is a treatment that does not require such a frequency, but for the full effect of healthy and well-conditioned hair - you should not give up on it. These treatments include, above all, those that are combined with a precise cleansing of the hair and scalp, so that during the next days they absorb more ingredients responsible for regeneration.

▲ Scalp scrub not only stimulates circulation and oxygen exchange inside the cells, but also helps to cleanse the scalp thoroughly, and remove the remains of cosmetics (mainly those for styling) that could build up at the base of the hair and inhibit its growth. Just do it once a week to maintain balance on the skin and clean your hair of toxins, impurities, and all unnecessary cosmetic deposits.

▲ A cleansing shampoo is a perfect cosmetic that intensifies any beauty treatment. It doesn't only cleanse the scalp and hair of residues of any cosmetics, excess sebum, toxins and impurities, but also opens the scales of the hair, which increases their absorbency: ingredients from masks or oils penetrate deeper into the hair structure and nourish them more effectively.

▲ After washing your hair with a cleansing shampoo, it is best to use a properly selected hair mask – go for the one that has a good composition. What does a 'good composition' mean? It's a product that lacks parabens, drying monohydric short-chain alcohols and heavy silicones damaging the hair. Many people combine mask treatment together with hair oiling because a mask applied to the hair just before washing perfectly emulsifies oils and not only complements the care and regeneration of the strands but also washes the oil quickly and easily off the hair.

Such care requires more time, so you only need to do it once a week. Wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo, apply oil to moist hair, leave it in for a minimum of 30 minutes, apply a mask to your hair immediately before washing, keep it in for 15 minutes, then rinse and wash it with a traditional shampoo.

▲ Often times, we do not have when to wash the hair with shampoo and water. Luckily, dry shampoo comes with help. The content of talc or rice starch included in its composition is able to instantly refresh the hair, condition it and reduce excessive seborrhea. However, dry shampoo settles on the hair and blocks the access of air to the scalp, so you should not use it too often: once a week is the maximum. It is also worth remembering that you should not add another portion of the shampoo to your hair the next day.

Hair care pyramid - once a month: retouching and adjustment


▲ Women love hair coloring. Directly after dyeing, the hair looks nice, but with the passing of weeks it weakens, fades and dries in excess. Unfortunately, dyeing hair cannot be avoided if we want to strengthen the color of our hair or have a completely new shade. Remember to apply the coloring agents as rarely as possible not to damage your hair too much. The best solution is to visit the hairdresser: professional hair dyes are less harmful, and the effect of color-treating stays longer. Another good idea is to use henna for coloring: it is a herbal paint that does not damage the hair. However, you must deal with it skillfully - a hairdresser may also be helpful in this matter.

▲ Hair coloring should be combined with a specific nourishing and regenerating treatment. Hair salons offer a wide range of them. The most popular one is the sauna for hair, and an intensive vitamin treatment for hair. They can be done two weeks after dyeing and repeated more or less every month, so that the strands are constantly nourished and not as damaged by the coloring procedures.

Hair care pyramid - occasionally: hair intensification and styling


▲ The last "floor" of the pyramid is a kind of conditioning penthouse. There are treatments that are not made of chance. Each of them can be a complement to the care, or an occasional procedure, which is supposed to beautify the hair.

▲ All types of hot styling (using hot rollers, a straightener or a curling wand) damage the hair, immediately removing water and even breaking sulfide bonds inside the hair. However, there are situations when we simply have to look impeccable. It is worth remembering that the straightener used occasionally is not an evil in disguise - if the hair gets proper care on a daily basis - the treatment with the use of high temperature done once in a while will not be a threat. That is why it is so important that each stage in the care pyramid is in place.

▲ The ideal treatment that does not require frequent repetition is keratin hair straightening. This treatment is an excellent treatment that rebuilds even extremely damaged strands (keratin is the basic building block of the hair, so it builds into its structure and completes deficiencies on its surface). Depending on the condition of the hair, keratin is able to stay in the interior for 2-4 months. After this time the procedure can be performed once again.

▲ In order to keep your hair beautiful, healthy from the roots to the ends – don’t forget to trim the ends regularly. Thanks to this, the strands gain freshness and a nice look, and the care becomes easier (the comb or the brush does not stop at the tangled, dry ends of hair: trimmed ends make combing smooth and we no longer damage our hair mechanically). The tips need only to be cut once every 2-3 months.

▲ Hair Lamination is another treatment that smooths out and gives a beautiful appearance to your hair. Thanks to it, it becomes shiny, smooth, bouncy, and flexible. Lamination does not nourish the hair, but only closes the scales and improves the overall appearance, and perfectly conditions the thin, frizzy strands. The laminate layer also protects the hair from damage caused by the sun, frost or wind as well as from environmental toxins. The effects of hair lamination last up to 3 months.

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