Hair Loves Acids! How to Restore pH Balance in Hair?

Hair Loves Acids! How to Restore pH Balance in Hair?

Do you know that the natural pH of hair is acidic whereas most hair care products are alkaline? That is why we must acidify our hair. Learn more about the procedure which balances the natural pH in your hair.

The acidifying procedure might seem quite weird or mysterious. It makes us think of complicated chemical processes or professional hair treatments but it actually has nothing to do with them. Check what it means to acidify hair and why acids are worth using in your hair care!

What does it mean to acidify hair?

The procedure focuses on lowering the pH of your scalp and hair so that it is acidic. It is an extremely significant treatment which lets you add sheen and gloss to your hair and do away with static flyaways because cuticles are flattened and the structure is smooth.

Some girls compare the procedure to the benefits of hair oil treatment - actually the results are similar. It results from the properties of acids and their hair benefits. You should know how to use acids for hair and why it matters so hugely. Both you and your hairdo are going to benefit.

Why should you acidify your hair?

The natural hair pH is around 5.5. This slight acidity is suitable and every deviation from the norm ends up in hair problems - frizz, static, dryness. You wouldn't have to acidify your hair if it wasn't for the fact that nearly everything may disturb the acid-base balance - especially drugstore products.

The causes of disturbed hair and scalp pH balance:

  1. The use of kids' products which are strongly alkaline.
  2. Applying only masks and conditioners - they are alkaline (in order to penetrate hair).
  3. Having hair colored regularly(the procedure involves the use of alkaline products).
  4. Using strong clarifying shampoos which open hair cuticles.
  5. Home products which have been made using wrong proportions of ingredients.

Do all hair types need an acidifying boost?

You might think that only high porosity hair needs acids since it has raised cuticles which can be flattened by lowering the pH. However, you should be aware that hair porosity does not matter that much here - all hair types feel their best in the acidic environment so restoring the pH balance is necessary for all hair types - having low, medium or high porosity. All of them will benefit from the acidic pH.

Restoring acidity to hair - precaution

Do acids pose any threat? Acids make us think of irritative substances but they are not harmful if you follow some rules.

Most of all, you can't use them too often because the overuse of acids might cause the adverse effect - extremely dry hair. The hair cuticles are used to opening and closing but this form of exercising may lead to permanent increase of porosity. That is why too alkaline or too acidic pH deteriorates your hair condition.

How often to acidify hair?

Once a week is said to be enough but many girls use acidic hair rinses after every wash to seal cuticles and smooth hair. You must match the frequency to your needs and to the way your hair reacts to such a treatment. The key thing is observing the hair and choosing the right treatment and care for the current needs.

The type of the acidic product you pick matters as well - the lower pH means you should use it less often. If a product has 4-5 pH, feel free to use it more often. One key question must be answered, though...

Balacning hair pH with acids

How to restore acidic pH in hair?

It is not at all difficult - you don't need pricey hair salon treatments to keep the proper pH in your hair. Do it yourself, not leaving the house. All you need is a product that is going to work on hair after washing routine and the one that works best is... a hair rinse. Introducing this simple step into your hair care as the last stage is a simple way to keep your hair healthy and astonishing.

Acidic hair rinses

What are the best hair rinses for balanced pH? Both the ones which contain acids (e.g. lactic, mandelic) and the ones based on various low pH ingredients. Vinegar, lemon, beer and coffee hair rinses are the best known. You can make most of them by yourself but you need to know the appropriate proportions of ingredients so ready-made hair rinses might be a better choice e.g. a raspberry vinegar rinse.

Acids in hair products

A key piece of information! You can restore pH balance in hair with other products as well e.g. feminine wash which contains lactic acid and is often recommended for hair washing by bloggers.

In your acidic hair products, search for fruit extracts and ingredients such as citric acid, already mentioned lactic acid and malic acid, as well as glycolic acid.

Homemade hair rinses

If you don't trust ready-made products and using a feminine wash for your hair sounds weird, why don't you treat your hairdo to SPA with a DIY hair rinse? Take a look at the easiest recipes for products which bring back pH balance in hair:

1. Vinegar & Lemon Rinse - it is the strongest due to the low pH of lemon and vinegar, therefore, it is recommended mainly for color-treated hair; it shouldn't be used more often than once in two weeks. How to make it? Mix 1 liter of water with a spoon each of spirit vinegar and fresh lemon juice.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse - a lighter version of the vinegar rinse. Feel free to use it more often e.g. after every hair wash. How to prepare it? Mix 1 liter of water with a high-quality apple cider vinegar.

3. Beer Hair Rinse - its pH is around 4.5 so it is cut out for once a week use, especially if your hair is dull. How to make a beer hair rinsing mixture? You need water and flat beer in equal proportions.

4. Coffee Hair Rinse - it has the right pH for slightly acidifying your hair but it might darken the color so it makes a good choice for those of you who aren't afraid of a gentle color change. What is the recipe? Brew 2-3 spoons of ground coffee in a liter of water; drain after cooling it down.

Obviously there are more recipes for hair rinses you can try out. In each case, it is a good idea to use litmus paper to check the home mixture and avoid going too far with the acidity.

Hair rinses vs hair oil treatments

Are they contradictory? Not really. Acidic hair rinses and oils give a similar effect - hair smoothness, gloss, protection from UV radiation, easier combing. However, acids work more strongly on hair and you don't need to match them to your hair porosity. They won’t weigh down your hair either and are easier to use (you simply rinse your hair out). All in all, you surely shouldn't give up on acidic rinses if you're a fan of hair oil treatments.

Both procedures may do harm when overused so using them by turns surely makes sense. Another good solution involves applying an oil before washing so you can use acids after washing to seal cuticles, locking nutrients in hair at the same time.

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